Sick Kids | The Brave List

Somewhere, in a place not as quite north as the North Pole, there are over 300 children who will spend their holidays in the hospital. Theirs, together with those who came before them, are the names etched on The Brave List.

You see at SickKids, there is no naughty or nice. There is only the brave.

Client: Sick Kids
Agency: Cossette
ECD: Jaimes Zentil
CD: Anthony Atkinson
ACD: Alyssa Graff and Dana Ciani
Producer: Tiffany Ling
Accounts: Alex Hughes

Director: Brent Foster
Executive Producers: Rita Popielak and Simon Dragland
Production Company: Scouts Honour
DP: Kristopher Bonnell
1st AC: Colin Doering
2nd AC: Tyra Houghton
Additional Camera Operators:
Luke Saagi and Eric Kaskens
AD: Bailey Abercrombie
2nd AD: Amy Rivett
Production Coordinator: Chelsea Strachan
Shadow PM: Brady MacIsaac
Casting: Jigsaw Casting

Editor: Alison Gordon
Asst Editor: Nathan Olszewicki
Producer: Kayan Choi
Outsider Editorial

Colour, VFX & CG: The Vanity
Colourist: Andrew Exworth
CG: Josh Clifton, Susana Sierra
VFX: Andrew Farlow, Michael Medeiros, Noah Matikainen, Adam Silcox-Vanwyk
Producer: Katie Methot
Executive Producer: Stephanie Pennington

Music and Sound Design: Mark Rajakovic
Rajakovic Electric
Producer: Nicole Rajakovic
Audio Engineer: Aaron McCourt

Production Designer: Jordan Worth
Buyer: Brenna Holler
Prop Master: Tony Massey
Asst. Buyer: Scotia Jvineski
Set Dresser: Danika Vandersteen
Matt Zuckerman
Mike Olohan
Cat Montgomery
Luis Correa
Liam Russell

Gaffer: Neil Munro
Electric: Steve Murray
Dave Grabowski
D'Arcy Way
Equipment Manager: Curtis Clark

Key Grip: Lennon Shute
Grip: Sean Sullivan
Brett Bates
Simon Stunt

Jeff Skochko
Denis Schouten
Chloe Martin
Shane Kenyon

Locations: Bill Dawe

Stylist: Kate Day
Asst Stylist: Tania Martins
Hair and Makeup: Shawna Lee Bowen

VTR/DIT: Scott Wylie
Projectionist: Sam Downs

Unit Manager: Chuck MacIntosh


Sean Williamson
Henry Amharai
Kwame Wilson
Lamar Griffith
Asock Kandiah
Mitch Mullen

Stills: Thomas Dagg
Creative Research: Tricia Zaremba

Camera: Whites